Exhibit moves near museum in Chicago

“Discus Refractus” by Scientiquity

By Terry Poulos, Scientiquity founder

[CHICAGO, IL USA] The Scientiquity sculpture “Discuss Refractus,” along with about 20 other sculptures by various artists, in May was moved to a site adjacent to the National Hellenic Museum in Chicago.

The sculptures will take up residence at the intersection of Halsted and Van Buren streets for the foreseeable future. 

The outdoor art exhibit is an initiative of the City of Chicago to beautify neighborhoods and inspire people in their daily commute. The West Side Chicago Greektown neighborhood program was spearheaded by business owner Eve Moran, who worked with the Greektown Arts Committee (GAC) and Special Service Area #16 to conceive and fund the project. Moran chairs the GAC committee.

The Modernity of the Ancient Greek Discus” is the theme of the 2019 exhibit. This is the fourth consecutive year of the program. Past exhibits include “Re-Imagining Pharos” (2018), honoring the Lighthouse at Alexandria, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Scientiquity’s entry was “Atlantean Luminescence,” placed in front of Athena Restaurant. In 2017, the theme was “Karavakia,” an homage to the Greek sailboat. Scientiquity contributed “Eyes on Antikythera” for that exhibition, placed in the window of Athenian Candle Company. In 2016, the theme was assorted poster art and Scientiquity’s “ART-ikythera” sculpture and “Net Zero Coin” were featured on one of the posters, again placed at Athenian Candle. Artists, including Scientiquity’s Terry Poulos, are currently at work on the 2020 exhibit (TBA soon).

“Discuss Refractus” represents fractal art, a math-based concept incorporating a geometric expansion series. It is meant to convey surface projection of order amidst chaos, although upon closer examination one can discern emergent, obfuscated patterns. Previous to moving to the new site, Discus Refractus was located for the past year near Greek Islands restaurant at the corner of Halsted and Adams streets.

Terry Poulos is a Chicago-area writer, archaeological historian, artist and geometer whose investigations focus primarily on physics, fractal topology, and Number Theory 

Scientiquity. All images and concepts herein © 2022

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