Exhibit moves near museum in Chicago

By Terry Poulos, Scientiquity founder [CHICAGO, IL USA] The Scientiquity sculpture “Discuss Refractus,” along with about 20 other sculptures by various artists, in May was moved to a site adjacent to the National Hellenic Museum in Chicago. The sculptures will take up residence at the intersection of Halsted and Van Buren streets for the foreseeableContinue reading “Exhibit moves near museum in Chicago”

The universe: Sculpture, painting, music?

By Terry Poulos, Scientiquity founder (originally published 12/10/2019) What is the `stuff’ that constitutes the universe? Scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers – theologians too – have debated this since antiquity. There clearly is no tidy consensus. Nevertheless, let’s see if we can conjure up some semblance of what it most likely could be. We can seeContinue reading “The universe: Sculpture, painting, music?”