Painting is literally multi-dimensional fractal art

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“Tri-Mensional Fractal” © by Scientiquity

By Terry Poulos, Scientiquity founder

[CHICAGO 9/20/2021]: Many artists produce what they call multi-dimensional art. Scientiquity created literally multi-dimensions of color and depth by employing a three-pane glass overlay featuring various geometric drawings, using light to tease out the colors, dimensions, and geometry.

The piece is titled “Tri-Mentional Fractal.” It’s the latest in a growing line of mathematical and scientific-related art – including sculpture, painting, numismatic, and hydro-refractive light art – by Scientiquity polymath artist Terry Poulos.

The final product is pictured top-left in the featured image. The top-right image is before color and other mediums were applied. The bottom image shows the three panes of glass individually.

Zooming in close, the viewer can witness a plethora of Rorschach-like fractal images – `shadows of shadows’ which ignite the imagination and spark inspiration.

scientiquity, youtube, painting, light art, tri-dimensional, fractal, geometry, mathematics, art
YouTube video, animated version of “Tri-Dimensional Fractal”

The light, shadow, and color-induced illusions make for an extraordinarily unique, near natural blend of patinas that even the most experienced of artists might be hard-pressed to produce. Much of the effect is also attributed to texture and the use of colored mediums beyond solely paint.

For more information, contact the artist at

Reverse side of “Tri-Mensional Fractal.” By turning the three panes of glass around, we get a different pattern and slightly different colors. The piece in essence is two paintings in one, and if we unfold the three panes, we get three individual paintings, as seen in the featured image at the top of this blog. That’s a grand total of five separate images, each distinct from the others
Playing around some more with bits and pieces of the two sides of “Tri-Mentional Fractal” by Scientiquity

Terry Poulos is a Chicago-area writer, archaeological historian, artist and geometer whose investigations focus primarily on physics, geometry and fractal topology, and Number Theory 

Scientiquity. All images and concepts herein © 2022

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