Art reflecting water, Hellenism

By Terry Poulos, Scientiquity founder (Originally published 8/8/2020) Scientiquity, a brand of science-based art billed as “The Science of Antiquity,” submitted a forth commission piece to the ongoing Greektown Education Foundation street art exhibit. The 2020 theme is Fun and Fanciful Fish.  The title of our piece is “Aquatic Decoherence.” It’s been given the nicknameContinue reading “Art reflecting water, Hellenism”

SOFA 2019: Touching Minds, Souls

By Terry Poulos, Scientiquity founder (Editor’s note: This blog was originally posted on November 5, 2019) [NAVY PIER, CHICAGO]. There are few things that bring more joy to an artist than seeing a child’s face light up as they’re dazzled with wonder by something you created. Sure, all artists want critical review from adult experts,Continue reading “SOFA 2019: Touching Minds, Souls”