Is the Universe Fake News?

By Terry Poulos, Scientiquity founder (originally published April 14, 2020) A species-wide existential threat is corrupting human bio-coherence, breaking down human cells. Said to be “on the edge of life,” the Covid-19 Coronavirus mutated to the point that this “giant virus” is now homing in on autonomous information capacity. Unlike bacteria, viruses are aerosol andContinue reading “Is the Universe Fake News?”

The “color” at the end of the universal tunnel

By Terry Poulos, Scientiquity founder (Editor’s note: This blog was originally published on October 22, 2019) What’s the true color of the universe? Einstein would say it’s all relative. Our eyes deceive us. They’re receptors of the full spectrum of electromagnetic waves which produce an emergent perception of color and images. The seat of thoseContinue reading “The “color” at the end of the universal tunnel”

The universe: Sculpture, painting, music?

By Terry Poulos, Scientiquity founder (originally published 12/10/2019) What is the `stuff’ that constitutes the universe? Scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers – theologians too – have debated this since antiquity. There clearly is no tidy consensus. Nevertheless, let’s see if we can conjure up some semblance of what it most likely could be. We can seeContinue reading “The universe: Sculpture, painting, music?”